Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The First Day

Have you ever heard it? It’s like this constant knock, not at your front door, but from somewhere inside, telling you you’re meant to do something different. It’s something that makes people tilt their heads in question. It’s something that makes your mom shake her head after supporting you through years of college and graduate school. It’s something that means leaving your cushy teaching job, your opportunity at a career after graduation, your comfy, dry, warm home, your friends, your family, and maybe your dog, too. Hmmm… Adam and I have heard that knock for too long and we got curious as to who was at the door.

I can’t imagine a person out there who doesn't have an obstacle that blocks the road to their dreams.

Adam’s biggest obstacle is gone. For a long time he didn’t answer the knock because he was in grad school, studying to be a school counselor. He’s been in the program for four years, as long as we’ve been together, and for the same reason as so many other people, that took priority over this dream. He was in the program because it’s the “right” thing to do. I mean, everybody should go to college and get a degree and then get a job that has to do with the degree, right? I guess the only flaw there is, what if you're not ready for that? Don’t get me wrong, Adam would be, and still may be, a great school counselor one day. I guess what we’re questioning is the way this path is designed… it’s not one size fits all. It just doesn’t seem to fit us well.

My obstacle, other than my family, friends, and dog, is my job. Tonight, I sent in my letter of resignation.  I say "I'," but it was both my finger and Adam's that pushed the send button together. That was tough.  In a time where many teachers are receiving pink slips, I have decided to leave my job, my salary, and my health insurance.   I informed my principal, my coordinator, and my close colleagues that I would be leaving in the fall to embark on a new journey with my new husband. :)  I was amazed at the support from everyone I told and am excited and nervous about what this will bring. 

Nothing is holding us back anymore, we’ve cleared aside the excuses. So, after hearing the knock for so many years, together, we are finally answering the door.