Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colorful Colorado

It continues to amaze me that with almost 10,000 miles under our belts, I am still constantly impressed by the people and the places we visit. Colorado has proven to be one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding states we have biked through. While we can't exactly pinpoint the reason this state rocks, maybe we can shed some light on the issue.

Maybe the reason is because of the incredible places we get to camp.

Granted... this is in Wyoming, but it's pretty cool, huh?  This picture I can actually take full credit for.

Adam's picture of the same campsite.... no wonder he is the photographer.
Beautiful sunrise after a rainy night on Peak to Peak Highway

It could be the people we've met...

Mark, from Granby who let us spend the night in his Biker Room downstairs all the while trying to convince us to change to recumbents...they were pretty cool...maybe next time.

Adam met us about ten miles before we took this shot when we were completely frustrated with the drivers on the road.  He reminded us how good people really are when he invited us to lunch down the street. 

Totally random encounter here of a bride and groom that Adam photographed last year, Kate and Christiaan.  They had to pull over when they saw us ride by.

It could be because of the incredible views we get to see from the tops of the mountains we climb...

Riding into Colorado

Peak to Peak Highway

...only the beginning of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park

Don't worry... I'm not growing another head.  It's a video camera.

Highest elevation we'll climb on this trip!

 Maybe it has to do with the fact that we were lucky enough to have my dad come to visit.


Hiking in Eldorado State Park on a day off with Papa P.  He even brought my hiking boots!
Amazing textures everywhere we looked.

Can you see the animal in here that we encountered on that very same hike? Scariest animal experience of the trip!  When Adam and I heard it rattle, we ran ahead, pushing my dad to the side, to get away as fast as we could.

Could it be a bear? A mountain lion? Hmmmmm....

We drove up Trail Ridge Road with my dad a few days after we biked the whole thing. This time we had energy to hike a little.  Can you see anything wrong with this picture??

Again... saving myself all the while putting my dad in more danger.  Sheesh... what a daughter I am.

More sights from Trail Ridge Road.

Our extra treat was getting to see my dad play at The Laughing Goat in Boulder.

Maybe it's because of the totally amazing bike paths that we've been able to take all over Colorado!

 Maybe it's because we FINALLY got to meet our amazing World Bicycle Relief contact, Katie!

Katie is the very serious one here.  Can you see why we love her so much?  She's been the backbone of our tour this year! 

Or it could be because we got to hook up with The Food Cyclists!!!

I was a little worried cooking for The Food Cyclists so what better than spaghetti, Keilbasa, beans, and cheeeeese!

Or maybe it has to do with the kick-a$$ bike shop that hooked us up big time with some great bike work.

The guys from Giant Cycling World Denver.

 Whatever it is, Colorado has been so so good to us.

...and on we go...

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  1. Awesome photos! Looks like you're having a fantastic journey. Stay safe! It was a pleasure meeting you in Granby. Hope your family wasn't affected by Irene. Happy Trails 2 u both. God Bless, Dent