Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Make a Mountain Biker

And this is how our next adventure begins...

... we have to give credit to the imaginative Patrice Laroche for inspiring us to do this photo shoot with a similar shoot of his own. Check it out here!

And now, a little AMC!


  1. Wonderfull !
    Thank you so very much for this blog !
    As we say in France, "vous nous vendez du rêve" : you grant us dreams.
    Be happy now !
    Hope she/he becomes a cyclist like you are !
    Thank you again !

  2. Congratulations! What a HUGE blessing in a little package, we are so happy for all of you! Hugs from Zmann Ranch in Viola WI ;-)

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  4. Welcome to a new little Coppola, the family is so blessed by your presence and we know you will be peddaling along beside your parents soon......

  5. Adam and Christie! Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl. We send all our best and welcome to our new world citizen.
    Your former Guilford landlords, Will and Danielle (Tiane and Niall)

  6. What a gorgeous series of shots. I'll remember to keep the bicycle pump far away from Danielle! Way to go, you guys . . . all luck and happiness to the little beauty.

  7. You guys are 150% awesome. All the best to your new adventures and your future!

  8. After some time of not visiting your webiste - because of planning and realizing a unbelievable great family bike adventure - I came back to your blog. It's such a wonderful story you tell us with the best photo story ever. I'm so happy for you and I wish you all the best for your family future! I'm sure, we will read more great cycling stories and see more amazing photos with a wonderful family.

    Maybe you are interested in some family cycling stories from a "crazy Swiss family" [smile]

    All the best to you guys!!!

  9. Congratulations Adam and Christie! What a huge blessing in a little package. A beautiful and sweet baby girl. All the best for your future. Thanks for sharing these precious and lovely photographs.